How to avoid a nasty nickname surprise when your baby starts school

Do you remember your time in the school yard? For some of us like me it was a while ago. Whilst schooling differs the world over, one thing is universal. The creativity of kids to devise the most awkward, uncomfortable and humiliating nicknames for their friends.

Children will spend hours throwing around word combinations until they settle on the perfect (often cringeworthy) nickname for their ‘best‘ friends. In my experience is particularly true for boys. And unfortunately nicknames stick, and often throughout school and beyond.

There is rarely any malice or harm intended by children. Finding nicknames for friends is merely an opportunity to have some fun. But for the child with the unfortunate nickname it can not only be a dent to self-confidence, it can become something that plays a role in forming their school yard identity for years.

At Marqess we feel it is an absolute requirement for anyone with responsibility for naming to transport themselves back to the school yard for some harsh nickname testing before settling on a name. All potential combinations of cute, funny, fun and crude and humiliating all need to be explored.

It may sound like a bit of a negative exercise, but you can guarantee that if there is unwelcomed nickname hiding in your child’s name that it will find the light when they get to school. It’s your job to find it first.