Our Naming Principals

David Goudie

Professional Namer & Copy Writer

International Brand Strategist

Graduate, University of Technology Sydney.

Based in Sydney, Australia

Renown naming professional and brand strategist with over 20 years experience in name and brand development. Based in Sydney, David has lived and worked in Europe, the UK and the Pacific and for the worlds largest agencies and brand owners.

• Graduate,  University of Technology Sydney

• Owner & Director of Naming, Branding & Design Agencies

• Master Strategist and Copy Writer

• International Brand and Trade Mark expert

David has a special love for nature and sustainability and is passionate about empowering coming generations for change.

‘The story of you always starts with your name.’

David Goudie, MARQESS

Tatiana Dumitru

Professional Namer & Designer

Verbal & Visual Identity Specialist

Graduate, Bucharest University

Based in California, USA

Romanian born Californian local, Tatiana is a master of identities and language. Widely travelled, Tatiana brings inspiration from her many years of personal and professional travel across the globe.

• Graduate, Bucharest University of Economic Studies
• Owner Director Naming, Branding & Design Agencies
• Leadership Network Writer, Entrepreneur magazine
• English, Romanian, French, Spanish

When not naming or designing, Tatiana fills her life with Italian food, red wine and family.

‘Words have meaning. Names have power.’

Tatiana Dumitru, MARQESS


At Marqess, our mission is to find a beautifully unique name that suits your child perfectly and honours the important things in your life.