Expert Tips To Choosing A Baby Name

Naming your baby is the first challenge presented with parenthood. Not only that, but you’re stuck with the challenge of choosing a baby name that could make headlines – whether good or bad. So how can you make sure you’re choosing a baby name that’s hailed rather than trounced on page six?

Classic or Quirky
The first step is to decide whether you’re going to opt for a classic name, such as Amelia or Henry, or come up with something quirky and unique to your family. While you likely shouldn’t go too bold or out-of-the-box, there is nothing wrong with choosing an unheard-of name that resembles your culture or heritage. It’s encouraged.

Some of our celebrity and high-profile clients hire us to develop exclusive baby names that are distinctive and unique. This is an excellent way to ensure that you’re the first to use the name, adding any personal touches to it as you desire. Anyone who uses it after that will simply be inspired by your creation.

How do you come up with your baby name? One way is to craft a distinctive baby name combining several names that you love into one. Another way is to blend two words to create a name with strong symbolism.

If you’re coming up with your baby name, don’t hesitate to get creative. Sometimes it comes down to simply choosing a word that you like or an intriguing word that sticks out to you. Kylie Jenner is the perfect example – choosing Stormi for her daughter’s name.

Honor Your Culture
Your culture is an important part of who you are and where you came from. It is becoming more prevalent to praise cultures and learn more about them in this day and age. Consider culture when coming up with your child’s name to make it a standout name with meaning and endearment behind it. For example, Zhan and Bingwen are wonderful Chinese names, while Makena and Simbarashe are marvelous African names.

Look Into Your Family Tree
Choosing a name for your baby that pays homage to a family member is an excellent idea. Not only is this a sign of respect for the loved one, but it also keeps the name in the family. It’s one of the ways to define your family. When someone hears the name, they will instantly know the family connection.

Consider siblings as well. Some families will decide on a theme, such as every name starting with the letter “S” or named after a type of flower, diamond, or season. This becomes a symbol of the family line that holds meaning and regalness.

Make It Meaningful
Giving your child a name with a powerful meaning can be one of the first stepping stones you provide in their life. Don’t stop at the way the name sounds. A name that sounds beautiful can have negative connotations. For example, Keres is a lovely name, but it means “evil spirits” – not something you would likely want to name your child.

Instead, look beyond the way a name sounds and pay attention to the meaning behind it. Make sure it evokes positive feelings or references specific traits you want your child to have. For example, Azai is Hebrew for strength, while Faye is French for loyalty, confidence, trust, and belief.

You can dig deeper into the meaning behind names by choosing something you are passionate about or something from your family’s past that holds special meaning. A good example is someone naming their child a floral-inspired name, Dahlia, because they love the outdoors. Dahlia doubles as a floral name with a regal meaning: wealth and elegance, making it the perfect choice.

Avoid Names with Strong Associations
Another thing to consider is where the name came from or what comes to mind when people hear it. While avoiding names associated with bad parts of history is obvious, you should reconsider overly popular names with associations in general. For example, a boy named Thomas Edison or a girl named Cher.

If you’re going to use these names, make them yours. For example, instead of using Thomas Edison, you could recreate the name of Tomas Edward. If you want to use Cher’s name, add a “Lynn” or “Elle” to make Cher-Lynn or Cherelle.

Don’t Overlook the Middle Name
The middle name is just as important as the first and shouldn’t be left in the background. The middle name can make all the difference. When choosing the perfect baby name, say the entire name – first, middle, and last – together. Is there a nice flow? If not, you may need to reconsider the first or middle name choice.

You also need to pay attention to how it’s written too. More specifically, the initials. For example, Claire Orabelle Wilde is a great name, but the initials spell it COW; not likely the initials you would like for your bundle of joy.

Choosing the right name for your child is imperative. You can make a statement with a meaningful name representing your family or heritage or choose something out-of-the-box. The goal is to ensure the full name has a good flow with a strong sentiment behind it.