The risks and rewards of uber-cool child names.

We’ve all been in that moment. A close friend announces their new baby’s name. We smile and nod approvingly, all the while thinking to ourselves “Wow, really? I think you might regret that in a few years!”

Unfortunately naming their child is sometimes confused with other fun personal choices like choosing a new outfit or buying a car. The difference however is that naming is for life, and what you think might be a wonderfully contemporary name today may not sound so ‘cool’ at your little babies birthday party in 21 years time!

At Marqess we caution against choosing Uber cool or contemporary names for children. Our mission is to find the perfect name for your child for life and this usually means avoiding names or ideas that link to a particular moment in popular culture. That’s not to say we are not strong supporters of unique and interesting names. We think there is nothing more wonderful than finding a unique and interesting name for a child. But unique and interesting a very concepts to cool and trendy.

If you are considering choosing an uber-cool or contemporary name for your child, may I ask you to please think back five, ten and twenty years. Imagine the name in those times. Would it stand up? Would you child be proud to announce themselves using their name? This test is critical because it will happen for your child, in real life, but in their future. It is hard for us to imagine what the future will be like, but we can remember the past. This will help you choose a name that will stand the test of time.