Naming your child is easy… they said

There are lots of things that get complicated as we grow older but surely naming a child isn’t one of them… right?

Well, sometimes unfortunately it can be.

Many of us imagine that naming our children will be a beautiful experience. We’ll start with those names we’ve always loved and then add to the list as we go. We’ll notice names in the media, at a café or at the park. We’ll hear mothers calling their sweets kids back. Our list will grow over time until we whittle it down to that perfect ONE.

This naming experience does happen, and it is wonderful when it does. But life can be a little more complicated sometimes.

What if your favourite name is also the favourite of lots of other parents. Do you mind, or would you prefer something a bit special? Maybe you love a name but it is decidedly unpopular with your partner. Can you find a compromise? And what about the underlying meaning or origins of the name? It will surely come up in their life. It would be nice for their name to have meaning. Something positive or wise or of substance maybe?

Some also have to the added complexity of multiple languages, diverse cultures and family pressures. Sound familiar? The list of mandatories can start to look like a mountain. Unfortunately this is why naming turns from a joy into a war of attrition sometimes. And when the charm is gone, a little bit of magic is lost also.

At Marqess we don’t ever want naming to feel like a job for parents. We love to shoulder the burden of finding and vetting options so they can return to the joy of imagining calling their little precious by their very own name.

The bottom line is that child naming can sometimes be very hard. We think that’s OK. It is a profound privilege to name a child and it probably the most important gift a parent will ever give their child. If anything deserves some quality time and attention, we think naming your child does.