Need help with Baby Naming? What will it cost?

As many come to realize, when it comes to baby naming it can be a bit more challenging than initially thought. Maybe your best friend has just used the ‘secret saved name’ you had for your baby, or maybe you come from a multicultural family and are struggling to combine all aspects of your extended family’s heritage and traditions. There’s also the difficulty of discovering that a name you love has negative connotations in another language, or is a cute name but won’t grow with your child.

What can you do?

You may have heard of child naming agencies like Marqess, but you’re unsure because you don’t know what to expect in terms of the experience and the cost. Well, much of this answer depends on specific criteria. Are you looking for just a few name options? Or do you want a complete naming experience complete with story, translations, insignias, trademark searches, a website, and more?

If you’re just looking for a set of qualified name options that satisfy your criteria, most naming agencies and consultancies will offer simple ‘name search’ packages. At Marqess we call these our Little Duke or Little Duchess Naming Packages. We complete a full briefing, family and cultural orientation and creative naming exercise, delivering a set of qualified first and second name options for clients to consider. These packages start at around US$15,000

The values, characteristics and personality of each name are carefully considered, as are sounds (soft, strong, or poised, for example), phonetics and suitability for target languages and cultures. Sometimes parents ask us to creatively reinvent their family names. For example, by honoring grandparents without repeating exact names. Siblings can also play an essential role. At Marqess, we always consider how new names will fit, match and balance those of other children in the family. There are no hard and strict rules in the end, however there definitely a number of important consideration to address, all of which are fully covered during our initial briefing meetings.

Some parents don’t want to stop at just naming however. They are after a complete name and personal identity package, with a crafted name story that they can use to share their momentous news with friends and family. Stories can be created and shared on a website in honor of the child or to serve as a future memory. Websites can also include other important details such as family histories, newborn pictures and much more.

If this is more your vision then maybe a Marqess “Monarch” package is more suited to you. Packages are bespoke to client’s needs and desires and start at around US$35,000.

Naming a child is an immense privilege that we take very seriously at Marqess. We understand it can be challenging and overwhelming for many and are grateful when we can help make it the beautiful and rewarding experience we know it can be.

For a no-obligation quote or if you have question about our services, please contact us to discuss your specific needs and desires at any time. We promise to respond to your enquiry promptly and discreetly.